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Picture books are magical...

Thukpa For All
by Praba Ram and Sheela Preuitt 
illustrated by Shilpa Ranade 
published by Karadi Tales

 Tsering is on his way to his grandma's where he knows he will get the best thukpa in town for dinner. On his way, he runs into a whole lot of people from his community, all of whom he invites to come and have his grandma's thukpa noodle soup. As the friends and neighbors arrive one by one and tsering sets out to help him grandma cook the thukpa, what should happen but the inevitable power cut!

 Read the book to find out what happens then, and how everybody gets to eat thukpa in the end

Saffron-Picking, Khadi-Weaving
Exploring Eight Eco-traditions of India
by Sheela Preuitt & Praba Ram
 illustrated by Lavanya Karthik

From Kashmir to Andhra Pradesh, we journey across India visiting Saffron-growers, Kumar Potters, Sal leaf Plate-makers, Khadhi weavers - eight unique communities - to celebrate their skills and knowledge in using ecologically sustainable practices for centuries.Why? So that we can preserve what matters even as we explore innovative methods for coexisting with nature.

Buy Online 
DC Online Bookstore : Saffron-Picking, Khadi-Weaving is available online at DC Mango Bookstore

Stick Your Tongue Out
by Sheela Preuitt & Praba Ram
illustrated by Sandhya Prabhat
published by Pratham books

Do you think tongues are just soft and pink? Animals have tongues of various shapes, sizes and colours. They use their tongues in many different ways, but not for talking like humans do.

As part of STEM initiative by Pratham books, this books serves to introduce kids to their natural world and kindle their curiosity about the critters they share this earth with.

Read online on StoryWeaver:

The Doll that Bommakka Made
by Sheela Preuitt & Praba Ram 
illustrated by Debasmitha Dasgupta

 The charming cumulative tale, The Doll that Bommakka Made, celebrates the tradition of hand-crafted dolls of south India, spotlighting the famous Thanjavur Thalai Aatti Bommai, an elegant dancing doll. From a little ball of clay, children can watch the doll come into existence to delight generations of folks who have treasured the homegrown hand-crafted treasure. Rhythmic text stacked in a catchy repetitive format invite the children to sing along.

 Read it online at Pratham StoryWeaver platform:

Every Tree Counts
by Praba Ram & Sheela Preuitt
 illustrated by Sangeetha Kadur

 As a counting concept book, Every Tree Counts, introduces children to ten emblematic trees found in India, spotlighting the beneficial aspects of these unique trees. From the majestic Banyan and colourful Coral, to the fragrant Deodar and common Pipal, the book hints at the myriad uses of each, inspiring the future horticulturalists and environmentalists, while also reminding them of the life-giving aspect of trees: Oxygen!

 Part of a series of STEM books by Pratham, created with an Oracle grant, this book is available in 6 languages with a few more slated to be added soon.

Read it online at Pratham StoryWeaver platform:





Cube Cat Cone Cat
by Praba Ram & Sheela Preuitt 
illustrated by Rajiv Eipe

 With spare words, this simple concept book invites kids to join the playful and clever cat to learn about the basic geometric shapes. The antics of the mouse brings a delightful addition, and the book ends by asking the kids to look around and identify all the different geometric shapes they can find. 

Part of a series of STEM books by Pratham, created with an Oracle grant, this book is available in 6 languages with a few more slated to be added soon.

Read it online at Pratham StoryWeaver platform:
Kube Katt, Kjegle Katt: Cube Cat Cone Cat in Norwegian!


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