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Translation Works

"So the writer who breeds more words than he needs, is making a chore for the reader who reads." -- Dr. Seuss.

We enjoy authoring as well as translating children's books from English to Tamil for Pratham Books and their StoryWeaver Platform so it can reach a wider audience.

Not Now, Not Now

It's Play Time!

When Will Amma Come Back?


Eeyad's Pigeons

How Old is MuttajjiHow old is Muttajji? (Tamil)

Fascinating FibonacciSuvarasiyamana Fibonacci (Tamil)

My Friends:     En Nanbargal (Tamil)

Puthuppen :The New Girl (Tamil)

Pazhaya Saalvai Enge:What happened to the shawl?

English: What is Neema Eating Today?

Daddy's MoAppavin Meesai (Tamil)

Gulli's Box of ThingsGulliyin Saaman Petti (Tamil)

Susheela's KolamsSuseelavin kolangal (Tamil) 

Cube Cat, Cone Cat

I am not afraid!Naan Bayappadavillai (Tamil)

I can helpEnnaal Udhava Mudiyum (Tamil)

My FriendsEn Nanbargal (Tamil)


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Simply Writing. For Kids.

We write fiction and non-fiction picture books and chapter books for kids, at different reading levels.

We also enjoy translating picture books from English to Tamil, as commissioned by the publishers and editors.

Our passion in fiction writing is to create inclusive narratives. And, in non-fiction, we enjoy STEM-oriented books as well as biographies.